Healing Waters

Healing Waters

Healing waters is my latest CD. Having my very own Yamaha grand piano allows me to record at my leisure. Ever since hearing beautiful music that brings one to the place of peace and rest, I desired to release my own CD as well. Soaking music is what they call it. The soaking refers to being in God's presence and... it's quite an experience. 

So I set up my microphones one day, and pushed record on my recording studio, and began to improvise and play unto the Lord. 

The result is a 44 minute track of music that flows like a river. 

I first saw the title healing waters on a cover of a CD that our friend Cheryl Benoit recorded and produced. 

She has a very natural gift of playing the piano and creating new music as well.  

I designed the cover myself and had an idea what I wanted. A few years ago our family made a trip up to Indiana and we decided to go see the sand dunes on a very cloudy, cold, and windy day. 

There were a lot of seagulls flying over the water that day.  So I took out my camera and began taking pictures of whatever scenery I could find at the sand dunes in southern Michigan. 

I found several pictures that worked really well for the front and back cover.  On the front cover, I have a picture of Lake Michigan with a Seagull flying over it. I love the softness and color the cloudy sky created. It made a nice backdrop for this CD cover. 

Our oldest daughter Lisa graduated with a graphic design degree at ORU. She gave me some input on how to put the cover together, and so did a friend of mine who is also a graphic artist — Greg Mann. 

It turned out pretty well I think. I hope you will agree and get a lot of use out of it. 

Order it now, here.